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Whootin provides tools for Authors, Publishers, Artist, Developers to sell their content and interact with there subscribers in a social media setting.

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What is a Premium Social Network?

A Premium Social Network is a social network that allows you to charge money for access to YOUR posts, images, and videos that YOU consider to be premium content.

Get Paid for your content or services!

Celebrities, Experts and Service Providers can get paid for providing premium content and services!

Following is for Losers!

Make money when you convert your social media followers to Whootin subscribers.

Subscription Pricing

You choose the amount to charge for a subscription, Ranging from Free to $999

Define Your Subscriptions

You Can Define Your Subscriptions as: Event Subscriptions, Daily Subscriptions, Weekly Subscriptions, Yearly Subscriptions, Lifetime Subscriptions.

Charge for Outgoing Content

Give subscribers access to social post, live broadcast and outgoing messages!

Charge for Incoming Connections

Give subscribers access for incoming connections including messaging, phone calls and video calls!

monetize your EXPERTISE

It used to be that the only way to get paid for being an expert was to become a college professor. The internet has changed the way we learn and the way we teach. You no longer have to have a doctorate degree to charge people for your expertise. You simply need a whootin account.

Whootin allows experts in any field to offer paid subscriptions to their knowledge. Whether you want to be a math tutor or an iPhone expert, Whootin allows you to create a subscription that other users can subscribe to and get access to your premium content/expertise.

monetize your SERVICES

Whootin offers the perfect solution for service providers to monetize their services. Image someone who searches the web each day for the absolute best deals on tech gadgets. Now that person wants to post what they find each day to all of their followers. What if that person wants to charge a small fee for access to their posts. Whootin is the only social media network that allows you to do this.

Focus on Subscribers!

Convert your followers to subscribers! Whootin subscriptions give you flexability in creating subscribtions for the right uses. You can choose the media type, length and price of subscribtions.

  • Subscriptions can be set up for Incoming and Outgoing connections. You also choose the post type for outgoing connections.
  • You set the subscription price and length
  • Create Multiple subscriptions.
  • Post to specific subscribers, ability to post to multiple subscription channels.

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